colorado gold medal waters map

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} Home to 322 miles of “Gold Medal” waters, these designated fishing areas offer top locations for large trout fishing. } Primarily brown trout are caught in this water. Colorado has 6,000 miles of streams and more than 1,300 lakes and reservoirs to choose from, for truly endless fishing opportunities. Designated by the Colorado Wildlife Commission, fishing destinations of the highest quality are awarded the “Gold Medal” distinction when the waters are able to produce at least 60 pounds of trout per acre, as well as a minimum of 14” or larger trout per acre. It also must be able to produce 60 pounds of standing stock (the amount of living organisms in the ecosystem- including fish, plant life and micro invertebrates) per acre, and can only be designated Gold Medal if the water is accessible to the public. } //--> Access the river via steep and winding roads, or backcountry hiking for those in peak physical condition. Near Walden, Colorado, sits North Delaney Lake, another Gold Medal body of water. window.setTimeout(advagg_mod_5_check, 250); Fed by high mountain lakes, (Taylor and Spring Creek Reservoirs), Harmel's Gold Medal quality waters are at the confluence of Spring Creek, Beaver Creek, and the famous Taylor River. // Count how many times this function is called. Well-known as a healthy brown trout population, the state Division of Wildlife even collects their eggs here to boost the state's trout stocks. [CDATA[> South Platte River (37 miles, 3 sections), Two sections of the South Plate River make up Gold Medal streams. Property overview Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States of America apartment 1200 sq. Located near Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Lake is still one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets. The newest section of the Gold Medal list is 102 miles of the Arkansas River that was designated in 2014.

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