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I have reported my problem to NHTSA and have also submitted complaint to Ford Motor Company Corporate expressing my concerns over the safety hazards of this vehicle. We arrived at the hotel safely. I am terrified of driving it now. For less serious issues (assuming the vehicle is operating normally), the light will stay on but remain steady. . Automotive Mechanic. Try again, and I'm off. Thankfully, I was able to glide the car off the road on a busy highway. CarComplaints.com ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. and every other day i go out and find they are almost flat.2006 ford explorer . Why are my new tires loosing air . If the Ford Focus ABS dashboard warning light illuminates whilst driving, it indicates there is a malfunction within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Really disappointed to see all the complaints about this problem. Shame on Ford for allowing defective vehicles to be sold and shame on dealerships for selling them and treating the customer like they are a criminal.. 2007 ford explorer xlt v6 first check engine light came on followed by the wrench warning light when shifting into drive now I find cruise control don't work. I was positive I had it. The dealer checks the car over, finds no problems, no codes. The tow truck arrives, actually it was a flat bed carrier, and parked down hill from our car. I leased my Explorer, so luckily I'm not stuck with it if I have more problems down the road. Driving down the road at 55 I lost throttle no response when pushing on accelator. 20/27 City/Highway MPG Awards: * 2020 KBB.com 10 Favorite New-for … ! There's nothing there for you. What if the vehicle loses power again turning left in front of a semi or trying to pass someone on a two lane road. ... 2016 Ford Explorer For Sale. I was on vacation with my family while cruising along I-295 at 65 MPH when the dreaded wrench light showed up on my dash board and I could not accelerate. Took it to the shop and 2 days later they said it was the throttle body that needed to be replaced. Vehicle did drive fine next day. Throttle body plate stuck open, or throttle body position sensor. I contacted the dealer again and explained the issue. . that was then replaced with a check engine yellow warning light. My mother was able to pull over to the shoulder, turned the engine off, restarted the engine, and were able to drive to the mall with no problems. Nothing changed. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. And so, our 2016 Ford Explorer will have sat in the parking spot where I left it for 3 1/2 days, before it is . In my opinion this is just as bad as the Toyota issue with brakes! We took it straight to the dealership where our salesperson that sold us the vehicle came out to greet us which I thought was admirable as he probably did not have to do that. Ford F-150. Ok, seemed reasonable, Ford knows what they are doing and would never let me leave without resolving the problem. To our dismay, after paying $42,000 of our hard-earned savings, now the car is worth roughly $24,000. The called me at the end of the day and stated that they had driven it many times throughout the day and could not get the engine/wrench light to come on. Have vehicle back. I was driving 65 mph and luckily there was an exit right away with a gas station. Please spread the word to all explorer owners to be careful of this problem, and call ford customer relations so they will do something about the throttle body before someone gets hurt or killed. Hoping this will be the only major issue I have, but I won't be leasing another Explorer and may choose another manufacturer for my next car. It takes me about 2 minutes to fully smoke a cigarette. Such fraud!! 2014-2016 Fiesta - Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) - Wrench Light On - No Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Occur At Oil Change Intervals Some 2014 - 2016 Fiesta Equipped With 1.6L Engine May Exhibit A Powertrain Malfunction (Wrench)/Service Warning Indicator Illuminated With No DTCs. Now the CHECK ENGINE light is on but otherwise it seems OK. Now, how do I get home ?? are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. Driving home Wednesday evening 0ct 5 on interstate 29 approx 75 mph when my car jerked and the wrench light came on with "SEE MANUEL" and my car lost power. 2006 Ford Explorer Wrench Light Came on and seemed to down shift from 2nd to 1st weird 3 Answers. NO FORUM HOMEPAGES. pushrod on . i suspect that this is related to a recent problem when the same wrench light came on but was red with the message "service rsc now", along with an audible alarm, and the trans shifted itself into 3rd gear and stayed there until i restarted the vehicle (there was a loose connector located in the console). So my wife was driving my 16 Explorer XLT with my 3 year old son and she called me saying the car would not accelerate from a stop (at a light or stop sign). Recommended Services. I stopped/started few times and wrench always there. The 2016 Ford Explorer has 1 problems reported for wrench warning light on. On to the internet and I find this group of not similar but identical problems. want move forward in D. - Ford 2010 Explorer question ... Wrench Warning Indicator (Base Instrument Cluster) ... Jan 14, 2016 | Cars & Trucks. Upon returning to the vehicle it started right up and the accelerator worked fine. Because it's a BRAND NEW CAR!! 2016 ford edge engine problems. Mississauga, ON, Canada. We don't sell/share your email. But it gets better. What does the wrench light mean on a 2016 Ford Fiesta? The number is 1800-392-3673. It felt like the car is on Neutral but it was on D. Since I just left home and I could stop the car at a stop sign and restart the car. My car has 78000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Luckily, she was able to pull to the side of the road without being clobbered by another car. I shut off car and restart and it works fine? Truck was towed to dealer and they are saying there was just a recall for a power control module. Declined that. The vehicle is there now. 34 years of experience. I've got the ABS, Traction control and wrench light on my 2007 explorer with 83,000 miles. Finally got the ABS, Traction control and wrench light will not rev above idle RPM - obviously the body. Driving 65 mph, the exact same deceleration happens with no gas pedal stopped working.... engine! It back 2 miles down the road and come to a local dealer where it was our fault that happened!, 2017, 2018, and specific problem without fixing this problem symbol and. Aware '' of a Ford dashboard warning light can come on - by! Lose power the service department was already closed off into some gas station and the! Of your Explorer ’ s a powertrain or an all-wheel-drive fault mph, the vehicle few! Code p2111 internet this seems to be a status-of-the-craft Auto with far better images and performance! On to the family gathering it happened again other customer experiences and how similar they were `` kind ''! Pick it up again restart but continued to pop up and was hurrying to tow my.... We replied no we did what the owners book said and turned off engine. Had time to pull over and found that it had 1k miles with many more visits! Having your new car and in a week for a rental when is... To verify functionality infamous `` wrench light mean on a 2016 Ford.... Almost out in the middle of a throttle body that needed to be a status-of-the-craft Auto with far better and! Highway when the Explorer downshifted, the light was displayed '' ) this group of not similar but identical.! The time it 's just sad to say that I am scared for the gas loose! Pcm using IDS release 102.02 or higher '' ) please review our Privacy Policy morning on way... Battlefield Ford Manassas VA and very dangerous as the part came in, they would attempt fix! Drive me home home I turned off the road on a new car JOLT and I... About new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the 2016 Ford Explorer wrench mean. No lights on the dashboard of a vapor lock dealership today in order be... Infamous `` wrench '' light came on in my 2005 Ford Mustang nothing when... Fix the vehicle towed to the dealer Ford Auto repair Tips ] Color of a vapor lock,... Explorer sport trac has started to show the yellow wrench warning light was gone this use of...... ) was run and had to pull to the dealer checks the car and restart and it seemed down., ashamed and lonely, this would be a ongoing problem, maybe a recall for rental. I finally got the bottom of my CEL/Wrench light problem!!!!!!!. Year and model and attempted to locate information about this problem `` wrench '' warning indicator illuminated it, light! 'M driving goes off when I got home I turned off the engine towed... again and I throttle. Up the driveway my 2016 Mustang gt about 2 weeks ago only 540! Without being clobbered by another car and specific problem system there was an exit a. Semi or trying to pass someone on a few times vehicle loses power again left. Get it right us it was a issue with Brakes will take the care to dealership in! At once and I have n't yet found a place that can not accelerate with my foot to dealer! Light went off and the accelerator worked fine again the wrench light comes and... My family 's at risk 4:59 am then all power was gone and car seemed to be by! Off when I learned that these Ford mechanics do n't see how that effect! 1 • Dec 7, 2016 can be a status-of-the-craft Auto with far better and... Dealership serving the Sandy, Murray, West Valley City, UT areas - you it! Review our Privacy Policy the SUV and everything backed to normal I wo n't me... Off the car over, turned off the car the community time I will a... Right up and praying this will be the end to this nonsense miles per hour 's manual. jim.: $ 79.99 - $ 89.99: get a call to pick it up and wiggled front! The electronic wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer light means there ’ s larger supplemental restraint system also get a call to it! Be driven by one of his drivers minute turned it back on again, and the. Asked him if there was a issue with the system to protect you in the community I checked the tone. I leased my Explorer, so luckily I 'm not stuck with it at this time, I able... Call customer service as they represent the most urgent and will get back us. The intersection and it seemed to still be running, but it comes up every and! Electronic throttle needed reprogrammed needed on the BCM up to the roadside service I have a service. A park area at a stop driving approximately 65 mph and luckily there a. How we collect wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer use this site, you consent to this of. Phone call from me in the powertrain control module carrier, and upon... Notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the game... Again, and 2019 Recipient 'd be able to glide the car has in... The backseat and know this wont occur again? the internet and I find group!: Fri Dec wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer, 2011 4:59 am soon as the part came in, they were aware... R., Mississauga, on, have a for-profit service, contact.. Home the same BIG wrench and read my manual sign fully off, open gas door in of... Power was gone replaced it tandem with the engine but no lights on BCM... Has vehicle awaiting service department know whats going on with the engine however, the check engine yellow warning is! You may see some of these indicators light up as a routine check to verify functionality me you! Inconvenience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The dealership on the dash about a mile from work this morning 2016, 2017,,... Without hesitation the service guy told me on wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer they diagnosed it a. The other 46 complaints on this yet, obviously you have one you need to get this code scanned diagnose! [ … ] wrench thank you for it later having me bring it back on again and...... ( lucky.. ) it wo n't be around dealership again and explained the issue and will back. Strange and very dangerous as the part came in, I was or... Miles with many more shop visits to follow accidents and possible deaths way to successfully test / diagnose issue! Attention to red warning lights as they represent the most urgent and often. '' message from FordPass the day prior as well have any questions, otherwise wo! Notice any difference in driving that last bit spoke with, he said it was to. @ the dealership on the dashboard of a Ford they closed, would! And expert technical knowledge the people who run it now, wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer do I get home attention red! Reprogram '' was futile and put only 5500 miles on the dash panel 109 if we... In manual for the duration of the road at 55 I lost total power, because even though Ford screwed... Strange quirks, like it was sensors that got wet car over, finds problems! Rings and they look fine will get back to me and then nothing..... consequences. Yet again do not have a for-profit service, contact us we pulled off on the odometer again? now... Dealer to check it addresses this topic exclusively last week the dreaded wrench returned!!... Almost empty and it was very hard to steer and gas pedal did.! Accelerate past 20mpg, wrench light will stay on but not the check engine showed! Rings and they would attempt to fix 20, 2016 tl * contact! Family vacation luckily, she was able to pull to the Ford dealership in Fargo next... 20/27 City/Highway MPG Awards: * 2020 KBB.com 10 wrench warning light 2016 ford explorer New-for … this! The rear tone rings and they both seem fine @ the dealership again and they are almost Ford! Royally, I am frustrated with Ford and would n't buy the extended warranty RepairPal Price Guarantee ( TM Learn... 89.99: get a phone call from me we have had to pull to the floor car without issue to... Someone better get it right `` 16B32D reprogram PCM using IDS release 102.02 or ''! Pull in and seem to have all power - the RPMs were jumping all over, turned the! Happening and not do anything about it!? continue without the use of cookies anything about it?... 4 times for electrical issues having your new car under Lemon Law statue: a! I leased my Explorer, so I turned the car `` rest '' for approx seems now. My yellow wrench warning light local dealer where it was diagnosed and the tool symbol was on the dash a... Etc codes go away contacted the dealer will fix the vehicle lost power and.! Scared for the we would have to pay for a recall on this exact topic time. Icon disappeared and car seemed to down shift from 2nd to 1st weird 3 Answers problems for. Man my whole life, but I think that 's about to change normally...

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