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Because of the tail design, the Mattlures Hammer Tail Swimbait also benefits from the use of a stronger, more durable plastic construction that stands-up to rod-bending strikes. Testing conditions, it truly performed … Featuring three sections, and a soft plastic tail, the internals of the hard bass are, of course, all stainless steel, and the external hardware includes size 1/0, Owner ST-41 hooks and #5 xxxtra-heavy rings. Designed with three-dimensional accents, like gill plates and scaling, the Mattlures Ultimate Shade Series Swimbait features flared fins that enhance stability, whether it’s fished at a slow crawl or a steady retrieve. I pull up to lake around 10 in the morning. Edited November 15 by jtothen. Extremely versatile bait that can do a 180 with a sharp twitch. The Mattlures Hard Gill is the perfect size at 5.75" and come in Floating, Sinking, and Billed. The MattLures Baby Bass also has a ring at the bottom just underneath the gills for fastening of an after market stinger hook. New MATTLURES Fishing 5" ULTIMATE BLUEGILL Soft Boot Tail SWIMBAIT Red Ear Gill. Tails are made of an extremely durable rubber (extra is included in the box). Free shipping. Made with a super durable resin with high detail hand painting and stealthy socket joints. We have had big bass tear them in half and the Mend It glued them back together. I see this also being a fantastic night fishing lure. Each bait comes equipped with 3x strong split rings and Owner St-41 hooks. MATTLURES Strong Bass Slow Sinking Jointed Swimbait 7.75" 3.5oz - SMALLMOUTH. Incredibly realistic, it has been improved in just about every way. The design and actions are very similar and can be fished the same way you would fish a Hardgill. The realism is next-level stuff. $189.00. Looking to move a 6.75" Mattlures Strong Bass in Dark Bass, medium sink. google_ad_width = 120; $4.09 +$2.99 shipping. Tips: We HIGHLY suggest using Mend It glue with these shad. All the hardware on the Magnum Strong gill is stainless steel and they come stock with Owner hooks and extra heavy split rings. Watercraft | Lot 4 Mattlures swimbaits Bass Fishing Matt lure shad bluegill mattshad ultimate. Weighing in between three and a half to four and a half (3.5 – 4.5) ounces, depending on the rate of fall, these seven and a half (7.5) inch baits are designed to be fished at just about any speed. Mattlures Strong Bass (large) Floating in Light Largemouth - $80. Interviews | Events | Willing to let go for $65 TYD. $150.00 +$4.20 shipping. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet if you want something. Mattlures Baby Hardgillbait review and swimming action4.5".95oz I saw a few bluegills cruising around and decided to tie on my new Mattlures Bluegill bait. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ 4 inch Soft Paddle Tail Swimbait 5pk Zman Bass Fishing Bait. Considering Servant's original Hard Bass Series debuted at $60 per copy over ten years ago (now the Strong Bass at $80) and the Hard Bluegill at $50 (now the HardGill at $75), $150 is quite a jump. The Nine Trey Gangster are located throughout New Jersey, with strong networks located in the cities of Newark, Paterson, Atlantic City, Trenton, Asbury Park, Keansburg, and Bridgeton/Millville/Vineland (BMV are run as a single entity by the bloods hierarchy). Make Offer - MATT LURES Hammer Tail Bluegill about 125mm 65g Mail Gill Slow Sinking New . The Mattlures Strong Shad are the long awaited sister bait to my famous Hardgills. Contact me with any questions or if you would like to purchase them separately I’m open to offers. Free shipping. The front hook hanger is rotating and the rear hook hanger is fixed. Impressions: It’s quite often said the devil is in the details. $189.00. The message was, the hard bass series was going to have to wait. In a way, Servant answered those inquiries himself with the debut of his hard bluegill series that following fall. Does this hold true out on the water? Both Brand new - $140 for both. $189.00. Reels | I can fully recommend the MAGNUM Strong Gill as the finest hardbody jointed bluegill swimbait I have used to date. That may be a non-starter to lots of anglers, but bear in mind these are hand crafted, hand painted, small production lures made here in the USA. Did we mention the wickedly, ultra-realistic finishes? google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_channel =""; Available in three rates of fall (floater, slow sink, fast sink), and six standard, ultra-realistic, taxidermy quality finishes, these baits have been under development for nearly two years. Seriously, this extra large new bluegill swimbait from Mattlures is no joke.Known for making exceedingly realistic swimbaits, Mattlures now offers a larger and more durable version of their much sought after and highly successful Hardgill swimbait. / 20 Spring St Trenton. Make Offer - Mattlures Bass. Apparel | I think I am going to start with a Mattlures baby bass, because it is 1) slightly smaller profile and 2) it's cheaper. Swimbaits | Lines | Let’s take a look. In addition the detail is uncompromising and near taxidermy quality. Fish the boot tail shad around near schooling shad for best results. Field Tests: We’ve been fishing the Mattlures Hard Bass since the beginning of the year with baits whose only difference from today’s full production lures lies in the finish. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. New MATTLURES Fishing 5" ULTIMATE BLUEGILL Soft Boot Tail SWIMBAIT Green Sunfish. Available in three rates of fall (floater, slow sink, fast sink), and six standard, ultra-realistic, taxidermy quality finishes, these baits have been under development for nearly two years. 10 watching. GREAT If this lure could enlist, it would be a kick-ass Marine saying to the biggest bass in the lake, \"COME GET SOME!!\". Mattlures strong bass medium size I’m not surprised, I’ve caught some giants before by hooking 6-8 inch bass and tossing them out. It’s quite often said the devil is in the details. Poured using an incredibly soft, yet durable plastic, the Mattlures Ultimate Shad Series Swimbait features a hard-thumping boot tail that will have no problem grabbing the attention of bass. The immense pulse you feel through your rod when using it assures you that any fish in the area are aware of this lure. //-->, Raising the Bar Once Again : Mattlures Hard Bait Bass Series. The swimming action is smooth, and yet also has a motion which implies injury or evasive/fleeing action. The detail is outstanding and the construction as robust as they come. I have no affiliation with Mattlures, but I am a strong believer in his products. When/if I start catching fish on the baby bass I will then probably consider buying the blugill. It may be frowned upon but it sure does work. Where as our test models have somewhat of a glossy finish to them, the production lures are more satin. The Strong bass and perch large are approximately 7.75 inches and weighs between 3.4 to 4.15 oz. ... Bluegill and Bass Fishing with - Duration: 4:53. mattlures swimbait lot. All Shad are sinking, boot tail, and 5" long. Autopsy,

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